Parish Council decides to go ahead

Neighbourhood Area designation

Launch event 1st-2nd November

Working group formed

Grant funding awarded

Website set up

Neighbourhood Survey

April 2020

Survey Data Analysed

April 2020

We are here!

Local consultation events on issues of local interest

We are here!

Develop Neighbourhood Plan Policies

Bring together all input into an Issues Report

Strategic Environmental Report required?

Consult and build consensus with nearby parishes

New housing – sites identified if required

Assess & consult residents on sites identified

September 2020

Green infrastructure plan produced

September 2020

River management and flooding issues considered

Village Open Spaces Considered

Policies drafted

Draft plan consultation

Independent examiner selected

Draft Plan examined and approved

Odell votes to approve the Plan

September 2021

Neighbourhood Plan comes into force

September 2021
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